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Opinion: Is this the end for bailiff TV shows?

With this recent and quite damning ruling, as detailed in the #CivilLitigationBrief article below, I would be surprised if this doesn’t signal the end of TV shows like 'The Sheriffs are Coming’ and ‘Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away’.

As the man behind the idea for "The Sheriffs are Coming" show in 2012, I felt that this show in particular gave a true reflection of the High Court enforcement industry and how it helps judgment creditors recover money owed to them. It also fairly covered the challenges faced by enforcement agents in their day to day work.

I also believe it helped many who were unaware that the use of High Court Enforcement Officers to enforce county court judgments was possible to recover money owed, that would have otherwise remained unpaid.

However, given what has been said by the High Court Master in this matter, it seems highly likely that the current TV shows face a very uncertain future due to the significant risk of litigation and the clarification that filming breaches the National Standards for Enforcement Agents.

A shame I say, but likely inevitable.

Read the full article: Civil Litigation Brief - When enforcement proceedings go wrong.

Article by David Carter

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